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IT Support Services For Small Business

No business is asmall business when it is yours! You took the risks involved, laid out a lot of bucks, and probably quit your former job. All very risky things. I always wanted to do that but didn't have the guts. So, I actually did the next best thing. I ran my (very) small business concurrently with my full-time job as a Systems Analyst with Xerox Corporation. Now that I am retired, it's a whole lot easier. I'm telling you all this only because I fully realize your stake in all of this. Having had my hands on some of the biggest networks anywhere (Citibank, Yahoo, Xerox, and dozens more), I am famiiar with the things needed to network a small business. Let's define terms here first. By small business, I mean companies with 50 employees or less, which is far less than what the official meaning of small business is. That number varies, but it typically refers to companies with less than 500 employees! That's WAY too much for me to support by myself. I am very familiar with building out a Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to accommodate your needs. So...if you're looking for a well-qualified support guy for far less money than what you're now paying, you got 'em right here! BTW, if you want to verify my Microsoft, Apple, or Novell credentials, please email me, and I'll provide you with my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) number!


Web Design IT

If you're just starting out with a new business of your own, I can get you the web presence that you need. I designed this site Using state-of-the-art Adobe Dreamweaver software.. I'll be happy to do it for you also.

Support for Your Business

If you operate a small business, I can help you with your needs, from PC repairs/upgrades to Server installations. NOTE: I ONLY support small businesses. I did 38 years in the Corporate world in NYC. Been there...done that!

Home PC or Home Office

My support is not limited to businesses. Many people have the opportunity to work virtually (from home). I can help you keep things in check so you can work virtually without anyone knowing where you actually are! Even if you simply need a tutor to guide you thru your PC, no sweat. I handle everything from PC upgrades to Wireless Extenders to WebCams.



The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Having a beautiful and content-rich website is great...only if it can be found by your customers. Websites need to be Google, Bing, and Yahoo compliant. My site was hopefully easy to find. I can do the same for your site.

Apple Certified Support Professional
IT Support Services For Small BusinessIT Services in NJ


Microsoft Certified System Engineer in Windows 2000 and 2003
Microsoft Certified IT Professional in Windows Server 2008


Microsoft Certified Systems Associate in Windows Server 2012


North Jersey Computer has been providing IT Support Services for the NYC and Northern NJ area since 2003.

North Jersey Computer has been in business since 2003. We've been providing IT support in NJ since then with a focus on bringing IT support to small business and to people's homes. William R Sherwood II is the President and only employee. We thank you for your business.

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