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Onsite IT Support in NJ Welcome To My Website. Microsoft and Apple Certified Staff

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This is my "welcome page" for Ringwood, where I live. If you need help with your PC, Mac, router, or ANYTHING computer or network-related, I can help you real quickly because I live so close to you! As you can read below, I am a retired Systems Analyst from a major fortune 500 company (Xerox Corporation). And since I no longer have to travel into NYC (Ugh!) everyday, I would like to use my experience and skills locally. If you need help setting up your virtual office or need to extend youyr wireless capability to the backyard so you can stream the bears and coyotes, I can help.

Computer Tech Support NJ

Below are the details of my services...

My name is Bill Sherwood. I have recently retired from 38 years of working in NYC for a corporate giant (Xerox). In my last role, which ran for 20 years, I was a Systems Analyst. My job was to connect our MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) to our customers' networks. I also provided IT consulting services, which included designing and creating new workflows for our customers. I was trusted to support some of our biggest and most important clients (Verizon, AECOM, NYPD, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League, and just about all NYC Government and Federal Agencies located in NYC. That’s me in the picture at Met Life Stadium, where I provided support for the Big Game. At that event, my responsibilities were to receive the game stats quarter by quarter, and distrubute them to the huge media presence there. We did the same for post-game players' quotes. As for me, I have several Microsoft Server Certifications, in addition to Certifications with Apple and Novell. I now work independantly, primarily around North Jersey, but I do sometimes travel to other locations including Rockland County, NY, and of course, Manhattan NYC, where I just retired from. For most of my regular customers, I have setup remote support capability. With that, I can fix most issues without a site visit. However, first time clients require a site visit. I need to get paid for my work! And speaking of pay, since I am a one-man operation, my overhead is quite low. Therefore, I can offer you my services for a fraction of what most others charge for computer tech support in NJ. Below is a small sample of what I provide.


Onsite vs Remote Support. You decide.

Remote support

As the name suggests, remote support involves the use of remote control tools (either permanent or web based). Server support tends to use permanently installed agents to provide remote control without a customer presence. Remote support may also include services running from the cloud, which can range from cloud-hosted infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to hosted software solutions to full disaster recovery as a service (DraaS). From a support point of view, cloud servers are typically treated as normal customer servers, with the difference being that the cloud hosting company supports the hardware (which is normally virtual) and the IT support provider supports everything running on the hardware (e.g. operating systems).

Remote support usually comes at a lower cost, as engineers can work efficiently without incurring travel expenses. However, lower investment doesn’t necessarily equal less engineer availability. Some IT support vendors are able to employ 24/7 support personnel, giving you the option of round-the-clock support.

One of the drawbacks of remote support is that it depends on the connectivity of the permanently installed agent. If the device has no network connection or fails to boot, then remote support is difficult to provide without the addition of remote management cards. If the customer receives remote support via the phone, there’s also the risk of fraud, since criminals have been known to pose as support engineers to gain access to an organisation’s systems. Before granting access to any system, it’s important to establish that the engineer on the phone is from the company providing support.

On-site support

IT support provided by an engineer physically on the customer’s site can be broken down into two categories:

Remotely based on-site support. This method involves the support engineer travelling to the customer’s site to perform the required work.

Dedicated on-site support. This method entails a support engineer being directly embedded at the customer’s facility, working independently or alongside the customer’s IT department. Dedicated support can be provided full time, or part time as required.  

Unlike remote support, on-site support doesn’t rely on device connectivity or management interfaces. Support can be provided on all devices, both with and without connectivity issues, including devices failing to boot. Additionally, an engineer can more easily troubleshoot faults when sat in front of the device. Some issues can even be diagnosed by the sound a machine is making rather than an actual problem on the screen.

Of course, having field engineers travel on-site will add additional costs to the support contract. You can minimise these expenses by ensuring you work with an IT support provider that has engineers located near each location requiring support. 

Support will be most expensive if you choose to utilise a dedicated on-site engineer, as that person has to be paid whether or not their services are required (for this reason, dedicated support is less common than other support methods).

Because on-site support relies on the customer being available to work with the engineer, out-of-hours support can be difficult and normally includes an additional fee to cover overtime.




Web Design

If you're just starting out with a new business of your own, I can get you the web presence that you need. I designed this site Using state-of-the-art Adobe Dreamweaver software.. I'll be happy to do it for you also.

Support for Your Business

If you operate a small business, I can help you with your needs, from PC repairs/upgrades to Server installations. NOTE: I ONLY support small businesses. I did 38 years in the Corporate world in NYC. Been there...done that!

Home PC or Home Office

My support is not limited to businesses. Many people have the opportunity to work virtually (from home). I can help you keep things in check so you can work virtually without anyone knowing where you actually are! Even if you simply need a tutor to guide you thru your PC, no sweat. I handle everything from PC upgrades to Wireless Extenders to WebCams.



The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Having a beautiful and content-rich website is great...only if it can be found by your customers. Websites need to be Google, Bing, and Yahoo compliant. My site was hopefully easy to find. I can do the same for your site.

Apple Certified Support Professional
Onsite IT Support


Microsoft Certified System Engineer in Windows 2000 and 2003
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft Certified IT Professional in Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Certified IT Pro


Microsoft Certified Systems Associate in Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Certified System Associate


North Jersey Computer has been providing IT Support Services for the NYC and Northern NJ area since 2003.

North Jersey Computer has been in business since 2003. We've been providing IT support in NJ since then with a focus on bringing IT support to small business and to people's homes. William R Sherwood II is the President and only employee. We thank you for your business.

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